The Chief of Staff Podcast


Episode #1: Scott Amenta,
CoS Tech Network

Scott Amenta was the Chief of Staff at Spring from 2016 to 2018 and is a cofounder of The Chief of Staff Tech Network. He has created and fostered a community of over 370 Chief of Staff from around the world. He also cofounded, Propel, a network of future builders and entrepreneurs.

Episode #2: Rachel Lammers, Partner & Former CoS at McChrystal Group

Rachael Lammers is a Partner at McChrystal Group. She is responsible for the development and implementation of common architecture around all McChrystal Group products and services. Previously, she served as the firm’s Chief of Staff.

Episode #3: Kunal Ahuja, CoS at Codeacademy

Kunal Ahuja is the Chief of Staff at Codeacademy. Before joining Codeacademy, Kunal worked at Rocket Internet, a start up incubator. While there, he was involved in launching three separate businesses and eventually became the COO of Snapp, Iran's leading ride-hailing app. Kunal graduated from Harvard Business School in 2019.

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Mike Maseda has experience in cross-functional leadership roles across multiple startups ranging from pre-launch up to $50M+ in revenue. He has also spent time working in private equity and consulting before discovering his true passion of helping businesses scale.

Mike is currently the Chief of Staff at Prompt, an edtech startup that is focused on making students better writers. He is also pursuing his MBA at the Quantic School of Business & Technology. Mike is passionate about no code tools, marketplace/community business models, and startups.

Mike lives in New York with his fiancé, Meghan and has two dogs, Wrigley and Scout.